Tuesday, August 16, 2011


hey, did you miss me?

in case anyone was wondering where did i disapear to, the answer is i was taking some time off after finishing a very challenging project at work. it was a promotinal clip for the facebook app we're developing at the start-up company i work at.

the movie uses info from your facebook accounts (like "the museum of me" movie) so you'll need to log in and "allow" it.
click "share" after you're done watching - my job depends on it! :)

the movie was done in about 3 weeks (including weekends) and then another week for corections and timing issues.

and of course, I couldnt have madeit without help! Thanks to:

Lior Arditi - art direction advise and he drew the beautiful painting of the castle.
Yonatan Popper - Character Vector and Design
Adar Nisinboim - AFX compositing
Arik Ben-Ari - sound design, Animation

here are some frames from the movie:

if you want i can upload some of more things from the work process - let me know!

also, if you're interseted in seeing some more stuff i did at work, or just want to know more about what is Shaker, you can check out an earlier clip we did: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RZgJnLTNoM
i did the AFX for the first and last part, Tomer Markovitz did the middle part and Arik did the editing and sound.