Sunday, May 29, 2016

30 days RPG challenge

during the past month i did the 30 day RPG challenge.

don't have that much free time so this was more about speed than polish. not that many good pieces but overall i felt pretty satisfied when i finished. here goes:

1. me as a main character. paladin class.
 2. villain
 3. companion - mage summoner hybrid.
 4. transport -  a "shmocobo"
 5. weak enemy. tried some simple layout design as well, i figured it could help me save time in the next few topics.

6. tavern. the first of the dreaded environment topics.

 7. dungeon gate - slapped with another environment and fail miserably. still can't make a proper image in short time. maybe one day in the future...
 8. dungeon boss

 9. relic - dungeon reward. knew that layout will come in handy :)
 10 - city gates. fail.
 11. NPC citizen. meh.
 12. NPC merchant.

13.  secret shop. definitely on a bad streak here... i need to up my game
 14. new companion. monk or tank class.
 15. new armor. meh.

 16. new weapons. one for each party member.
 17. new skill
 18. local ruler. i like the cat :)

19. home. felt sick of failing the environments so i tried to put in some story.
 20. new area.

21. secret area. steven universe inspired.
 22. mythical creature.
 23. stronger normal enemy.
 24. bandit layer. goddamn environments!
 25. stronger boss - was caught stealing bread as a child and his arms were chopped off as punishment. he gave his soul and loyalty to the villain in exchange for a better set.
 26. ultimate skill
 27. ultimate weapon. shifting classes a bit.
 28. ultimate armor. shifting genres...
 29. god\devil\whatever over power mode. hell yea!
 30. last boss
the end! all done.