Friday, September 26, 2014


more art i did this month:

1. character mesh-ups for the character-jam facebook group:

Hades + cookie monster
 Gorillaz' 2D + Mickey Mouse
 Totoro + Charlie Chaplin
 Winnie the Pooh + snow white
Elsa (Frozen) + Jack Frost

2. some randomly generated Daily heroes:

 3. "shabbat doodles"
"School". one work i did back at college and a second complementary piece from last week:

 wizard of oz:
4. Hero, sidekick, love interest and villain for a zombie apocalypse Jam:

5. a few Olly Moss inspired fan arts:

mononoke hime:

 breaking bad (goatee and mustache versions):

6. a card for Rosh Hashanah.
lets all have a great year!