Saturday, December 21, 2013

a post

 here are some stuff from the last few weeks:

1) Harley Quinn
 2) Selena Kyle
 3) Homicidal Jane

secret Santa gift for the Jogees group:
 art for the battle-artist challenges:
1) battle chasers
 2) Greek vs. Egyptian mythology
angel and demon doodling:
all the character i did for the rule 63 challenge on skratchjams:

and a little something for the closing yer, this was the final assignment for the schoolism character design course i took. we redrew the character from the first lesson.
i'd definitely recommend this course for those who want to hone their character skills and having a tough time doing it on on their own.

 happy holidays for all you gentile folks and happy new year!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

art update

more art from the last couple of weeks. 
a few entries for skratchjams:
1. rule 63 OCs (you can see original characters here- randa, pulsar, rhino, streaks, chillblane) :

2. a little saturday morning toon design (OCs - Jack, Zero, Ray):
3. original charater:

stuff for battle artist:
1. TMNT\walking dead
2. Dorothy vs. Wicked Witch
3. Finn vs. Ice King
bond girl for the trinquette challenge:
quick environment :


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween treats

some new stuff including a process gif treats. i'm pretty busy lately so i could only spare a couple of hours for each pic (except the first one, which was made with time and love :) )

a witch and her pet werewolf for a Halloween contest at concept cookie. i like how it turned out :)

 and the gif:

a quick one for the Jogees

another quicky. "space janitor":
and the gif:

 and lastly the gif for the cute fashion dragon i uploaded last time:

i hope this helps you guys and if someone has questions or requests you're welcomed to comment.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

memes and others

im really enjoying this meme. im done with the early years so now i guess i'll have to step up and redo some newer work.

did this after i got 1000 page views on DA. it was a big deal for me back then :)

one of my rare pencil sketches i scanned and painted in PS. you can still see a bit of the notebook lines :)

weird character. i have no idea what i was thinking.

 for a challenge on battle-artist. theme was JLA steampunk. this pic kicked my ass from start to finish. i freaking hate it.

cute animal doddles for the "shabat doodle"
 another cute animal that merged into the next challenge topic - fashion.

for the trinquette challenge. i love how it turned out. i also won for the first time!
 a quick one for the JAC - "create a superhero". this guy zaps motivated evil-doers into apathetic couch-potatoes.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

master of illusion

an image i did a couple weeks ago:

 and a little progress gif:

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Art at Sukkot

pushing some art on the final days of the holidays spree

another dive through memory lane:

something for a "movies that don't exist" t-shirt contest. it looked better in my head...

something animated for the jogees show:
 another something animated for Joe from the jogees show:

 for "shirbut shabat". "sorry":
 for the trinquette challenge. Barbarella.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

more random art

doing a lot of original character design lately. i like it :)

draw this again meme. fun to see how far i came along since those early days with Photoshop and the tablet.

elemental creatures for the Jogees challenge:

typhlosion -  mega pokemon for skratchjams

homework for a character design course im taking at schoolism. first assignment - draw a 60 year old, fat, English, jolly, entrepreneur with a bow-tie, monocle and smoking jacket. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rosh Shana art update

didn't feel like doing a Shana tova card so i'll at least update my blog with some recent works :)

raijin - god of thunder:

niko and the sword of light fan comic i did for a jogees special show with Bobby Chiu:

some candy people i did for a contest at concept cookie (first place! XD)
Dejah Thoris for the trinquette challenge:

and some submissions for the shirbut shabat Facebook group:

 the robot sketches i didnt have time to finish
 and a little process:

Shana Tova to us all!