Sunday, September 29, 2013

Art at Sukkot

pushing some art on the final days of the holidays spree

another dive through memory lane:

something for a "movies that don't exist" t-shirt contest. it looked better in my head...

something animated for the jogees show:
 another something animated for Joe from the jogees show:

 for "shirbut shabat". "sorry":
 for the trinquette challenge. Barbarella.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

more random art

doing a lot of original character design lately. i like it :)

draw this again meme. fun to see how far i came along since those early days with Photoshop and the tablet.

elemental creatures for the Jogees challenge:

typhlosion -  mega pokemon for skratchjams

homework for a character design course im taking at schoolism. first assignment - draw a 60 year old, fat, English, jolly, entrepreneur with a bow-tie, monocle and smoking jacket. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rosh Shana art update

didn't feel like doing a Shana tova card so i'll at least update my blog with some recent works :)

raijin - god of thunder:

niko and the sword of light fan comic i did for a jogees special show with Bobby Chiu:

some candy people i did for a contest at concept cookie (first place! XD)
Dejah Thoris for the trinquette challenge:

and some submissions for the shirbut shabat Facebook group:

 the robot sketches i didnt have time to finish
 and a little process:

Shana Tova to us all!