Saturday, March 3, 2012


a year or 2 ago i started working on an entry for an art challenge, the subject was "undertakers".
i tried to do a piece that'll look like cover for a dark super-hero comic thing but i dropped it half way trough.
im just uploading it online so i can hopefully get some drawing tips from Joe Vriens and Dax Gordine from joegees

steampunk link

from my DA description:

yesterday i've stumbled uppon a livestream channel called joegee: Joe Vriens and Dax Gordine draw live Fridays @ 8 PM EST while answering questions.

beyond the basic drawing-tips that are expected in these kind of things, it was also fun just listening to these guys, i even loughed at loud at some points.

these guys reminded me that drawing is fun, especially as a part of an active supporting community with weekly challenges

unfortunatly this week's topic "steampunk Link" was something that im not too familiar with, but still a fun challenge.