Monday, June 13, 2011

brorwser wars

a quick one of sketchoholic. guess which is my favorite browser :)


  1. Haha that explorer kid is hilarious!

  2. You are on the fron page of the internet! ;)

  3. I posted this on forrst, they like it much.
    Well done :)

  4. Clearly Safari is the little girl playing jumprope by herself off to the side ;)

  5. Would be even better with a tiny Opera man .jumping for attention

  6. thanks guys, i know, its very exciting! :)

    Jaredwilli - i cant open your link without an account. i never heard of forrst before. (or reddit for the matter :))

    no opera and safari since i don't know enough about them to characterize them. all the browsers are represented according to my experience with them.


  8. I actually love this picture! It is fantastic!!!

  9. where is opera??

  10. You're a genius. Love it. Hope everything is going well and to see new art from you soon

  11. Anyway to get a high resolution image of this?

  12. Would you be willing to submit this to or some other such site ? I would really like to have a shirt with your sketch on it :)

  13. הם לקחו את האיור באישור ממך?

  14. Reblog here, adding your credit at the end of post ;)

  15. OMG I’d love to get this in HD for my background image at the talk for FITC this April., Any
    chance of a desktop background version

  16. very nice sketch
    , iV seen it many times without your name on it hard to find the real author
    thanks to google image search keep drawing :)

  17. hey I used your funny pic on my blog but I gave you credit and a link to this page :)

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