Thursday, May 24, 2012

browser wars print available on DA

it took a while but i am finally releasing a print version of my browser wars sketch. rejoice!

due to copyright issues i was forced to remove all logo references but i think the point still comes across and its still a nice image to hang next to your computer right?

thank you for all those who supported and commented and pushed me to make this print - i love you all

and "boo" to all those who stole this image and posted it uncredited all over the web - you suck!

you can buy it here:


  1. Hello, I found and used your creation on my blog post here, the older one with the logos still intact.

    If this is a problem in any way please do let me know, it just seemed SO appropriate for the post I created, wherein I describe a workaround for web developers who might be stuck having to make something work in Internet Explorer.

    Thanks for making the image, it's a perfect illustration of IE's idiosyncrasies! :D

  2. How can i order this poster? the link is broken.

    1. hey. the link seems to work fine for me: