Monday, August 20, 2012

old school

i've noticed im doing a lot of nostalgic fan-art lately so i thought i'd dig it out of my hardisk graveyard and do a big-ass retro post.

super-mario bros. for a challenge, very old, dont remeber the topic.

 neverhood! love that game :)
 alladin. for st. Patrick's day at joegees
and another one. samurai pizza cats :)
 some thundercats designs i played with for a contest a few years back:

 Moomin Valley :) also a few years back. same contest even.
 cloud plushy done during one of the one-hour livestream sessions at sketchoholic (damn i miss those...)
 al pin-up. also from the setchoholic days:
 a rogue redesign. very old work. i might try it again someday.
 star-wars and Dr Seuss combo for the joegee challange:
 and another :) :
 Ren from pirates of Dark water. remember that show?
 and monster Elmo. not really old school per-say but i might as well throw it in:

that's it more or less. ah, sweet nostalgia...
 hope you like. 

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