Saturday, September 15, 2012

monster girl challenge - day 6

spider girl. this time with some added insight:

i've been thinking a lot about choices lately. how an image can change drastically with different color scheme or light sources or line quality. a good artist makes smart and fast and sometimes hard choices to make his idea across as best he can in he shortest time.

a lot of times i have an image in my head but i lack the skill to execute it. the ultimate challenge is trying to find the best ways to get close to that image with the tools that i have. 

first try. i had an image in my head went to my comfort zone in PS but i didnt like how it turned out all:

sometimes when i don't have time or energy to render and i need an image to be powerful i power up the ol' flash and draw the outline with the brush tool. it has an ink quality and flexible line-art that cant be achieved on photoshop. gives an image a certain dramatic feel. here's what i got:

i liked it better but it still needed colors. since this is more of an experimental phase i decided to go for a totally different direction:
i didnt have a clear idea of what i wanted - i just messed around with hue\sat and blending modes until i couldnt tell if something was better or worse then before. i wasn't happy with the end result.

3rd attempt. this time i added a story, which is always a good idea, and kept everything simple and decisive.

 im happy with it :)

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