Sunday, October 20, 2013

memes and others

im really enjoying this meme. im done with the early years so now i guess i'll have to step up and redo some newer work.

did this after i got 1000 page views on DA. it was a big deal for me back then :)

one of my rare pencil sketches i scanned and painted in PS. you can still see a bit of the notebook lines :)

weird character. i have no idea what i was thinking.

 for a challenge on battle-artist. theme was JLA steampunk. this pic kicked my ass from start to finish. i freaking hate it.

cute animal doddles for the "shabat doodle"
 another cute animal that merged into the next challenge topic - fashion.

for the trinquette challenge. i love how it turned out. i also won for the first time!
 a quick one for the JAC - "create a superhero". this guy zaps motivated evil-doers into apathetic couch-potatoes.


  1. Hi Shoze! I hope everything is alright with you.

    I am an admirer of your work and absolutely fell in love with the Japanese versions you drew of the Batman villains. I'm just writing you to tell you that my boyfriend and I will be cosplaying The Joker and Poison Ivy hopefully to an event in November. I will be posting pictures up on my page if you want to check the costumes out:

    I have never cosplayed any "fan art" before and honestly never thought I would, but your version is just too amazing to not make!

    Keep being awesome ;)


    1. thanks! i'm really happy to hear i inspired you :)

      i'd love to see it when it's done.