Sunday, February 9, 2014

first drawings of 2014

earlier this year i went from full time to part time at work and i promised myself that until i figured out what i want to do next i'd draw on a daily basis.
of course, that did not happen. i immediately developed a full blown artist block and didn't even turn on the computer for about 3 weeks.
i'm still not over it but i'm starting to get back into drawing. here are the pics i did since my last post:

for battle artist:
1) cowboy dandy
 2) rhino, water, scepter
 for "shirbut shabat"
1) mythology
 2) redrawing of a pic from 2005
 3) a great event of 2013 - end of breaking bad.  one day i'll do a tribute more worthy of the show.
 for "jogees" - small to big
 imaginary realms
 Jack frost
 the skillful huntsman
 skratchjams OC challenges

 daily hero - vampire, male, ice, mage, range.
and homework for a new character design course on schoolism. cowboy.

this is it so far. im hoping to make a lot more this year.


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