Sunday, September 18, 2016

art dump part I

i've been going over my hardisk and im realizing there's a lot of stuff i never posted here, some of them quite old but i try not to censure myself and post the crap art along with the good.

it's probably too much for one post so i'll break it up to chunks and randomly post em whenever.
here we go:

starting with a new one i did for a facebook art group. it's mostly red so facebook is shredding the image quality so here's a better one:
another daily hero

 some challenges i do for the skratch jams group on deviantart;

 various OC highschool yearbook photo:
 marvel group design if they were an animated series
"if i were a pokemon trainer" fanart challenge thing:
 batter bunny

 remake of an old doodle (from my MSpaint and mouse days :))
 stuff for my battle artist group on deviantart:

akuma vs chunli (dropped half way. animation is hard!)
 various commision-esque stuff:
gift pic of owls in love
 dandelion god
book cover i did for a kickstarter project by yoni weiss

 another kickstarter cover thing pinkwing and the prime controller

half done image based on a character by Roy Ginat

art dump end!

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