Friday, December 23, 2016

jam dump I

i wanted to upload all the character jams i never posted here but it seems like there's too many to handle in one post. so here's part one:

tototro + chaplin
 panic + Timon

 Dante + tiger

 grumpy cat + tiger mask
Cammy + Alice
 Courage + Brave-heart
 Pink panther + Mia Wallace

Kramer + Mushu
 Dennis + Donald trump
 Shaggy + Sniff
 Donald duck + the Trump
 Freakazoid + Jazz
 Arthur + Chucky
 Tyrion + the brain
 Voldemort + Him
 Aku + Xerxes
 Carl + Ymza
tank girl + maleficent
 Steve + Dopey

 Peter Pan + Steven universe
 Lumiere + Squidward

1 comment:

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