Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 2014

movie monster
 brain bug
 bug girls
 lady moth
 baby bugs
 selection screens
 style jam
 DC superheroes

Sunday, March 2, 2014

february 2014

starting to get back into a drawing rhythm. here's some stuff i did in last 3 weeks:

shape challenges:


 "street fighter destiny" jam:


 the future:

Sunday, February 9, 2014

first drawings of 2014

earlier this year i went from full time to part time at work and i promised myself that until i figured out what i want to do next i'd draw on a daily basis.
of course, that did not happen. i immediately developed a full blown artist block and didn't even turn on the computer for about 3 weeks.
i'm still not over it but i'm starting to get back into drawing. here are the pics i did since my last post:

for battle artist:
1) cowboy dandy
 2) rhino, water, scepter
 for "shirbut shabat"
1) mythology
 2) redrawing of a pic from 2005
 3) a great event of 2013 - end of breaking bad.  one day i'll do a tribute more worthy of the show.
 for "jogees" - small to big
 imaginary realms
 Jack frost
 the skillful huntsman
 skratchjams OC challenges

 daily hero - vampire, male, ice, mage, range.
and homework for a new character design course on schoolism. cowboy.

this is it so far. im hoping to make a lot more this year.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

a Christmas post

 here are some stuff from the last few weeks:

1) Harley Quinn
 2) Selena Kyle
 3) Homicidal Jane

secret Santa gift for the Jogees group:
 art for the battle-artist challenges:
1) battle chasers
 2) Greek vs. Egyptian mythology
angel and demon doodling:
all the character i did for the rule 63 challenge on skratchjams:

and a little something for the closing yer, this was the final assignment for the schoolism character design course i took. we redrew the character from the first lesson.
i'd definitely recommend this course for those who want to hone their character skills and having a tough time doing it on on their own.

 happy holidays for all you gentile folks and happy new year!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

art update

more art from the last couple of weeks. 
a few entries for skratchjams:
1. rule 63 OCs (you can see original characters here- randa, pulsar, rhino, streaks, chillblane) :

2. a little saturday morning toon design (OCs - Jack, Zero, Ray):
3. original charater:

stuff for battle artist:
1. TMNT\walking dead
2. Dorothy vs. Wicked Witch
3. Finn vs. Ice King
bond girl for the trinquette challenge:
quick environment :