Friday, August 22, 2014

Character Jams

i joined a group on facebook that does weekly character mashup challenges. really fun challenge :)

jessica rabbit + cruella de vil

snufkin + edward scissor hands:
 scar + joker:

beast + TMNT leonardo

Mewtwo + Tigress
 toothless + cheshire cat
 beavis + cat in the hat

bobsponge + skeleton jack

akuma + batman

sonic + goku

sulley + obelisks

tank girl + maleficent

popeye + genie

mononoke + pocahontas (with step)s:
2. lines
3. flats
4. shading
5. final

 and some never seen before bonus material. a homework assignment i did for an online character design course with stephen silver i did a while back - drawing a known person as an animal:


Art of August

some daily heros:
male, dwarf, holy-warrior, melee
 female, anthro, holy-mage, range

 female, undead, wind-warrior, melee

 male, anthro, wind-healer, ranged
 Tank girl:

unfinished Guardian of the Galaxy fanart (really FUN movie! :)

Trinquette Emma Peel:

more to come :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

june-july art 2014

random art from the last couple of months:

armor specialist:
 trinquette girls:


Mr. Freeze redesign:

 Lara sketch and paintover:

the Butcher from Zach Cohen's Bladelings:

more to come!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

the many faces of Harley Quinn

a while back i did a submission for the Trinquette Challenge that i wasn't too happy with and i thought i'd do i revision of it. and i thought i'd make a game of it and see in how many ways i can draw the same brief:

here is the first version:
 4th: bored so i changed the outfit version):

6th. another outfit change:

i could've probably done a few more of these but i've had enough of Harley. i might do this again with a different girl.


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Vikings and Heroes

here are 2 character exercises i've been doing the past couple of weeks:

1) "how to train your dragon" viking\dragon duos for the joegees group:

2) Daily Hero random character generator:

vampire, female, nature-assassin, ranged

 goblin, male, nature-assassin, melee

goblin, male, fire-tank
 human, male, lightning-tank

orc, female, lightning-mage, melee

orc, male, mechanical-healer, ranged
 anthro, male, water-assassin, melee